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We really do invite members to our parties

Special Party Event!!!

Hello BOY’S and GIRL’S. Guess what, the gang at DIXIE TRAILER TRASH been asked to help out with an event hosted by none other than RON JEREMY!! Yep, the king of porn is hosting an event that will feature a 24 hour BLOWBANG!! This will be some non-stop fucking and sucking to reach a WORLD RECORD of the most guys to get off on two girls in 24 hours! The event will take place at The Social Club, Nashville’s premiere on premise swingers club, and will start at 12 Noon April 1st and finishing at 12 Noon April 2nd. SUMMER NYTE and SYREN will be the girls of honor and we will be assisting with, shall I say, a little FUN on the SIDE, and of course our camera crew will be there to catch ALL the action! Contact me at this website for all the details and full info on what you will need to attend! It’s open to all who qualify! See ya there!!!….Felicia

Let me tell you a little about OUR PARTY HOUSE! We have constructed a large party house to play in and ALL our members are invited to attend if your ever in the Atlanta area. The property is located just North of Atlanta in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains! We have an indoor hot tub, Two bars (one indoors and one outdoors), a complete dungeon with a cage, oral sex chair, swing, cross, anal sex chair, and LOTS of naughty toys! Three bedrooms, a huge playroom decorated in a tropical theme. A kitchen, ladies makeup and powder room, A/V room, a huge outdoor deck with a bar that seats 15! The place is awesome and LOTS of fucking is going on there!! As ALWAYS, we do not charge for ANY event EVER! But there are some rules.

1. There is NO CHARGE. We fuck for fun, we are not hookers.
2. BYOB but we will provide soft drinks and bottled water.
3. Bring your own condoms.
4. We photograph our parties so wear a mask if you are worried about your face being shown.
5. Releases ARE required. You will be asked to present two forms of I.D. as well as sign a photo release. If you don't want to do this, don't show up.
6. You must be over 18 (if you are underage, the police will be called and so will your parents).
7. We have three private showers available for your use both BEFORE and AFTER the event. Help yourselves, and towels ARE provided.
8.. The Hot Tub WILL be open for you to relax.
9.. Party dates and directions are provided in the members area and if you are in DOWNTOWN Atlanta, it would take you one hour to get here.
and most important

10. Be prepared to have the fucking (and sucking) time of your life.

.Love you! Felicia and the Dixie Girls

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