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THE WHORES OF HAZZARD - DixieTrailerTrash.Com

A compendium of the South's nastiest sluts and horniest housewives slurping interracial cock, posing with shotguns and layin' nekkid on the rebel flag...a fine indication that there's more to being actual, bonafide trailer trash than having a crank-snortin', mullet-wearin' alcoholic boyfriend who is also your blood kin and whose babies you gladly loose into the world every 11 months. This site features TONS of GREAT pics of older southern trash gals and their younger girlfriends (daughters?), goin' at a slew of black men (obviously, her Klan membership card has lapsed), and white men (kinfolk?) like a hunger-dazed hillbilly confronted by a big, juicy possum. You might think these gals are dumb, desperate and in the final countdown of a decline that started when the Civil War ended...but you'd be wrong. They're just doing what comes naturally... Just because a girl swills Rebel Yell and doesn't take the Marlboro out of her mouth when she blows you, doesn't make her trash! Our rating of this site is FIVE STAR, it's highly original and offers something for EVERYONE!!

...Hustler Web Review, September 2003

"Dixie Trailer Trash a breath of fresh air in the arid desert of the same old porn".  This is the first "reality" site we've seen that is really, convincingly, real. Our hostess is webmistress Felicia, a MILFy fellatrix who updates daily and writes zippy, engaging copy about the interracial swing scene she's engaged in. She invites members to join in on the fun and we have no doubt she is entirely on the level.  In addition, for a change, photo sets add lots of extra spice and feature a very easy to use layout. "Significantly, this is some of the best mature material we've ever seen on the web, though there's something for everyone here, especially those in search of something fresh and different." 

....Sir Rodney's Guide to On-Line Erotica


I'm Felicia and Welcome to my site! I live in a small southern town full of very horny girls! Most of my models are neighbors ( we NEVER use pro's) and we love to play in front of the camera! The girls live mostly just a few miles or less from me so we do LOTS of pussy eating and fucking! We fuck, suck, do interracial, D.P., creame pies, lesbian, bi and LOTS of facials! Truth is, we have been fucking each other's husbands for years! All of the girls and I want to invite you to see just how we spend OUR Saturday nights!

My site is VERY easy to navigate and user friendly. I add new pictures daily and we have vidclips, streaming video, video sales, a HUGE picture archive, and MORE!

Look below and you will see some of my categories, each crammed full of what YOU want to see.

I don't use a so-called TOUR, rather I have elected to let you view three pics from each set free of charge and if you're a member, you can click on the members section and open the entire file, each containing from between 20 and 75 pics!! Currently, we have nearly 10,000 ALL ORIGINAL, ALL AMATUER pictures !! So give us a try and hopefully you will sign up with us!


Every day I bring you a new Slut showing you gang bangs, cum baths, interracial and just about anything your imagination can provide! You will see white trailer trash women performing acts you won't believe; like only White Southern Trailer Trash can do. Keep a close watch because you might see your cousins fucking each other!


On this page, watch as we fuck and suck our way across Dixie. You will see the girls and I getting nailed by some of the largest black cocks in the South! Here we give new meaning to the term ALABAMA BLACK SNAKE!


This section features all the girls who love to eat pussy! When no cock is around to help satisfy these sluts desires, there is nothing like this Southern style dish! You will see the girls and I performing every imaginable act on each other as only a cunt hungry Southern slut can do!



We have reserved this area for all of you who want to see plain ole dixie sluts doing their thing! They fuck their boyfriends, cousins, husbands and even their own father-in-laws to satisfy their nasty sex habits! DON'T MISS THIS SECTION!!!!

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